Testimonial from Janet Oakley

Andrew Shattuck McBride has been my editor since his work on my historical novel, Tree Soldier, starting in 2010. Published in 2011, Tree Soldier went on to win two awards including the 2012 EPIC ebook award and the 2013 Grand Prize for fiction from Chanticleer Book Reviews. It was selected as an Everybody Reads for the Palouse and Lewis and Clark Valley communities for 2013. Additionally, it was selected for Bellingham Reads for 2013. Reviews at PW Select and in newspapers have all been positive.

I’m especially appreciative of his work on my latest novel, Timber Rose. Historical fiction can be tricky but Andrew is a thorough and meticulous editor. He not only is excellent on sentence and other copy-editing skills, he is excellent on structure, storytelling flow and details that might bump a reader out of the story. I’m excited about the release of Timber Rose. It’s beautiful from beginning to end.

Janet Oakley, March 19, 2014

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“… we go to poetry for one reason….”

“Let us remember… that in the end we go to poetry for one reason, so that we might more fully inhabit our lives and the world in which we live them, and that if we more fully inhabit these things, we might be less apt to destroy both.” ~ Christian Wiman

Christian Wiman is the Editor of Poetry Magazine. Poetry Magazine was founded by Harriet Monroe in 1912. 100 years! Read more about the magazine here.

[Source: mailing from Poetry Magazine, 2012.]

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Blessings to all, Andrew

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Why I Write

I hope that my new poem “Why I Write” inspires writers and poets to write and tell their stories, or to renew their commitment to writing.

I’ve posted my poem on my Writer’s Blog. Read it here. Please follow my Writer’s Blog, too! I’d love to have you along.

If you are a writer, press on with your writing!

Blessings, Andy

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Resources for Writers

Here are some particularly valuable resources for writers:

Creative Writers Opportunities List (CRWROPPS-B) [I prefer CWOL, but that’s just me.] ~ a Yahoo Groups listing for writers of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. This frequent, ongoing list includes calls for submissions, calls for manuscripts, news of contests, and details of open academic positions for writers. See the list here and suscribe!

Poets & Writers Magazine (P&WM) is in my opinion invaluable for poets and writers. The magazine is published six times per year and includes a Master in Fine Arts (MFA) issue and a Creativity and Inspiration issue. Each issue includes wide-ranging information, including an extensive listing of contests, calls for submissions and manuscripts. The classified ads are great, too. View the website here and subscribe. It’s a great investment; if you can’t manage a subscription at this time, take full advantage of the magazine’s website and free online resources!

[The Sept/Oct 2012 issue of P&WM is this year’s MFA issue; it features an interview with Natasha Trethewey, the new Poet Laureate of the United States. There’s a profile of poet, teacher, and mentor Larry Fagin by Porter Fox, one of his students. So much more, too. Don’t miss it!]

“The Writer’s Almanac” ~ if you’re a fan of National Public Radio (NPR) and/or Garrison Keillor, you likely already know about “The Writer’s Almanac.” If you don’t, it’s a rich source of information about writers, literature and history. Each day’s offering includes a poem. There’s a podcast available, and it features Garrison Keillor reading a poem. Visit the website here and subscribe. It’s a great way to begin your writing day!

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“The Universe is made of stories…”

“The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”

~ Muriel Rukeyser (December 15, 1913 to February 12, 1980)

Muriel Rukeyser was an American poet, writer, and activist. Source: Wikiquote, here. According to Wikiquote, this line is from her poetry collection “The Speed of Darkness” (1968).

I knew that Muriel Rukeyser was a poet, but not that she was an activist. I’m not surprised, but I do find it fascinating that so many poets have been–or are–activists.

BTW Part 1: Wikiquote! I love Wikiquote! Visit the Main Page of Wikiquote here.

Wikiquote and Wikipedia (Wikiquote’s parent) depend on our writing contributions and our financial contributions. That would be… a hint!

BTW Part 2: Poets.org! I love Poets.org! Read a short bio and sample poems by Muriel Rukeyser here.

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What Constitutes an Excellent Literary Day?

For some hints, read my new blogpost here.

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Testimonial from Jennifer Bullis

Recently, I had the distinct honor of reading/proofreading the manuscript of Impossible Lessons: Poems by Jennifer Bullis, poet and friend. Her chapbook is forthcoming in the Spring of 2013; I am looking forward to Jennifer’s book launch with great anticipation!

I was delighted when Jennifer asked me to proofread her manuscript. Her manuscript’s excellence made it easy for me to proofread and go beyond proofreading to close reading. I enjoyed offering comments and recommendations about a wide range of issues I thought Jennifer might want to consider.

Jennifer is a delight to work with: she is a fine poet, and is thoughtful, perceptive, professional, kind, and–as you can tell from her testimonial (below)–very generous. I love Jennifer’s poems and admire her dedication to her writing even with a very busy family schedule.

Jennifer sent me this testimonial for my work on her manuscript:

“I am extremely grateful for Andrew S. McBride’s expert help with final revisions to the manuscript for my chapbook, Impossible Lessons: Poems, forthcoming from MoonPath Press in spring 2013. I had edited the manuscript myself over and over, but I knew problems remained that I wasn’t seeing. Andrew caught what I had missed: formatting inconsistencies, need for capitalization changes, and issues with documenting some of the quotations that I use as epigraphs.  He even thought to check the page numbers against those listed in the table of contents.

“Beyond his skilled and attentive proofreading, however, Andrew looked more deeply into the poems, making superb suggestions to sharpen the word choice. The revisions he recommended enhance the imagery and readability in several poems. As well, he proposed revisions to some of the titles, including an outstanding refinement to the title of the collection itself. Finally, he even suggested literary journals to which I might submit certain of the unpublished poems prior to the release of the chapbook.

“Another component of the manuscript Andrew helped me with is the biographical statement. My publisher asked me for an extended bio, and I had been struggling with what types of material to include beyond the brief version I routinely use. Andrew did an extremely thorough job helping me generate content for the long version: he researched my publications, public readings, and board service to provide me with a detailed list of writerly accomplishments to draw from. After he had laid all this groundwork, I found it much easier to select highlights to include in my statement.

“Throughout the process of working on my manuscript, Andrew communicated his observations and recommendations with tact, clarity, professionalism, and kind humor. It has been a delight to work with him, and his contributions to my chapbook manuscript make it a stronger, livelier collection. I enthusiastically recommend not only his editing services, but also his work as a writing coach and adviser, for writers seeking help with any stage of the writing process.

Jennifer Bullis
Bellingham, Washington”

Are you following Jennifer’s blog? She blogs about “Poetry at the Intersection of Mythology and Hiking.” Jennifer’s recent blog post “Humming Right Along” contains a series of spectacular photographs by her husband Mark. See the photos and read her post here.  Ah, there’s a sneak preview of her chapbook cover photo, too!

Read some of Jennifer’s poems here. Oh, and be on the look out for her “Goddess” poems!

Deep bow and grateful thank you to Jennifer Bullis!

Blessings to all, Andy

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